A fully booked festive season!

Chiming temple bells. Loud chanting of prayers. The unmistakable fragrance of jasmine flowers. The lingering sumptuous aroma of freshly steamed modaks. Its yet another Ganesh Chaturthi in India, a 10-day long festival celebrated in honour of Lord Ganesh, the God of wisdom and good beginnings. The much loved elephant-headed God has taken fascinatingly versatile art forms, from elaborate traditional paintings to contemporary minimalist silver pieces.

More on an experimental basis of perceiving what forms a ‘canvas’ to create some art on, I created an installation with books dedicated to the God of wisdom and knowledge, much to the amusement of the folks here. After working on it for 2 weeks discontinuously, dealing with dripping paint, blotched pages, rearranging books with respect to size where necessary, an abstract Ganesh took its form on the facade formed by the installation of books.

That’s my experimental book art dedicated to the Lord of wisdom and learning. Here’s wishing everyone a great festive season ahead 🙂


Book Art


Book Art

Abstract painting on book installation

Water and acrylic colours