When you tell people you want to do your graduation in Visual Arts

It’s that time of the year again with students awaiting admissions to colleges and enrolling for courses of interest. And it’s surprising that year after year, students wanting to pursue unconventional or creative fields end up confronting unnecessary questions, one too many. That said, we are fortunate to have met talented writers, photographers, artists, fashion designers and a host of other creative folks who have shared learnings of their craft and nudged us to look beyond veils of these confrontations, and that has personally been a striking inspiration. More power to you folks! Meanwhile, here’s a tiny doodled series on general responses of folks towards students in the similar pursuit, not sure if we have more ridiculously interesting ones to add to these questions?



My apologies

I am truly sorry about reminding cleanliness fanatics about the endless whining over children scribbling merrily on books, walls and all over the house. Sorry.
I also take this opportunity to apologize to uptight homemakers and weary maintenance men. Also to maids. And especially to overweight short tempered maids. And, for that matter, to everyone constantly complaining about the scribbling.
The strange thing is, despite all the mess, doodling is everyone’s way of beginning to draw, to write, to express. Mindless scribbles with chalk slowly develop into shapes, objects, drawings. And numbers, alphabets and words. Lines that create and express your identity.
And for one remarkable set of people, of course, I have much lesser apologies to make. My parents, siblings(yes bro, yes, you included!), friends, mentors and everyone else with the faith to believe, inspire and encourage the pursuit of dreams. Especially if your bread and butter depends on an unconventional (read:risky) career in a time of low economy; and in a place where you are identified as either a doctor, or an engineer, or nothing at all.
But, perhaps, there has never been a better time for start-ups, entrepreneurs, writers, photographers, designers, filmmakers, artists and all the talented creative folks out there to change the system.
So, in the interests of creative expression, I’d also extend my apologies to include dodos, and snails for their inevitable usage in poking fun of real life cartoon characters. Tubelights, rocks, pies. And mothers-in-law.
And while I’m at it, here’s my very first recognizable doodle ever, that remains selectively preserved with great care even after 22 years. Thank you daddy! A long awaited tick is finally on my wish list today, scribbling is still what I do while I travel, and the more sensible ones will find their way to my blog.
Sorry for the scribbles.

My first doodle 🙂