Baby’s Day Out


Don’t mess with me goonies!

My routine of clearing old data from my system turned into something more enjoyable this weekend, thanks to an old set of photographs that I located. This takes me back to the Cubbon Park in central Bangalore, which has been one of the most preferred choices for field trips from most kindergartens and junior schools. On that day though, it was solely to meet Aarav, who is as adorable as he is innocent. Brought to spend the morning in the park by his parents, it seemed only delightful to watch the little one make his own way through the park. I realized how much we take a regular walk in the park for granted, while I watched Aarav, in no apparent hurry in life, take his time with picking up pebbles, fallen flowers, coloured leaves and, much to his mother’s dismay, tiny insects. And the next thing I know is we’re drawing in the sand, making imaginary creatures out of the clouds above and collecting flowers of different colours. The rush of going back to childhood again really took me by surprise too, it was probably embarrassing to an extent to be seen crawling on grass or imitating animal calls together by on the park bench. But it definitely felt good. Great in fact! Spending time with children has always been more rewarding in every respect in reminding oneself to look at the world with the same curiosity, wonder and amazement. It probably took an Aarav to bring out the child in me in an instant, and it was one of the best days I’ve ever had.

Here are the few pictures I took of him before joining Aarav on his own small adventures. And here’s to bringing out the child in each one of us. And to the adorable little one who continues to touch everyone he meets 🙂


Did u see my tooth fairy? 🙂




Cute, huh?


I saw ya!Tee hee hee!