Between creativity and commerce

Yesterday was special. Yesterday reminded me of chaos and struggle involved with pursuing art forms when surrounded by those whom it holds neither heart nor soul. More so, about parents, elders and friends who have cut down their time in this struggle of their individual pursuits, only to be able to devote the same effort and energy into ensuring that the interests of their children and the younger generation take priority. Yesterday brought together both young and old to the stage for us to sway into a delightful dimension of expressive melodies, and stood as an ode to the spirit of learning Рthe kind that makes one experience and appreciate the unending beauty and emotion in this world, while making one a better person from the heart. Yesterday made me believe that stealing away a few minutes for ourselves with our art practice everyday, somehow, is all it could take for a sense of inner peace, self rejuvenation and a content life in our days furiously  trampling upon us with its inevitable pressing necessities. For it has been nearly 20 years seeing Amma get back on stage with the Saraswathi Veena, and I have never seen her look more radiant and beautiful. Yesterday was special.


Thank you for freezing this beautiful memory for us, Prashanth Sharma Photography. You’re the best. And a heartfelt kudos to the Indiranagar Sangeeta Sabha, School of Performing Arts, for consistently doing a fantastic job of imbibing learning and interest in classical arts to students of diverse age groups and backgrounds. The weekend was a delight with this Annual Day program!