Should you watch this?

THIS IS NOT FOR YOU, if you’re in the mood for inspirational anecdotes, preachy life lessons or romantic sagas. Or for replacing podcasts while throttling through the routine agony of traffic jams. Or for the unwinding hours after an awful day with the quintessential horrid boss.


What watching an indie-film like “A ‘Pitch-Dark’ Diorama” can do, however, is throw questions that consume you for answers as it unravels, variably to each viewer, as does the very identity design of its production house, ‘Vespertilio Motion Pictures’; an exercise in individual perception differences and imagination. As the 2 hour 4 minute long film progresses in 5 episodes, you shuttle between characters in parallel universes that command complete experiential attention, to a surreal drama surrounded by its varied under-layers.


Of course, slasher thriller lovers can rejoice as the indie-film intricately weaves together a pulsating storyline, intriguing direction and commendable cinematography with the joyful authenticity of the analog. Its disciplined crafting on 16 mm Kodak film, also, perhaps, reflects on some very organic acting experiences, for which Amjad Prawej as Indranil Deashi and Amit Ansshu as the detective deliver riveting performances with its subtle nuances.


Does each character seem compellingly honest to their persona, and yet vulnerable? Could this be the concealed appeal of the story, a piece fulfilling its initial intention to its best ability? Is the ‘end’ not definitive? Is it capable of inducing malleability in perception on another view? Experiencing the film perhaps allows the viewer some scope of indecisiveness, while, nevertheless, conceding its ‘completion’. And in this context, is this film incomplete, without the audience?


So, so, so, should you really watch this? Only if you enjoy the journey. The passing. And the conflicting realities it brings into picture. To unravel how it runs, or how you choose it to play out, rather. To answer the questions above. Or even better, to bring up many more. (Which I shall conveniently redirect to Vespertilio of course).


A ‘Pitch-Dark’ Diorama, exclusively on Vimeo on demand:


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