Strength and Resilience

In the process of writing out my heart on a wonderful weekend getaway and editing photographs of the same. Meanwhile, found this very timely inspirational read. Have a blessed day!

Cats and Chocolate

2014-06-12 19.53.29

Over the weekend, I’ve been reminded of what strength and resilience mean. My grandmother, at the grand old age of 89, is a true inspiration to me. She has been through a lot and is – in her own words – a tough old boot. She had a fall in the small hours of Friday morning and had to be rushed to hospital.

After a hip replacement, she is now on the road to recovery and astounds us all with her perky, chatty self. There will be a lot of shuttling back and forth for us all over the next few months to help her recover and support her, but she reminds me that even in the face of physical and emotional trauma, we can’t let things bring us down or change us for the worse.

I’ve been changed a lot by emotional tsunamis, but perhaps the healing involved has…

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