A new day dawns

Every single day there is a new beginning. A new hope. For a change for a better world. A world in which we take inspiration from nature and radiate that limitless energy in the form of love and attention in everything we do. And in doing so, we learn to live in a reassuring harmony with nature and within our own selves.

So today, let the boundless wonders around you fill your soul with an amazement as simple and magical as the rising sun, a constant reminder to shining bright.



Being Human

The title of this piece is something that has been constantly flashed on T shirts, and it strikes me now how very relevant this short message is in an era lurching with its own presumptions and problems.

There seems to much happening with Women’s Day round the corner, although the frequency of violence against women has only scaled up tremendously, with the daily news headlines carrying incidents more ghastly, repulsive and inhuman than the earlier unfortunate incidents. And today this takes me back to the time in December 2012 which has had the entire country shaken ever since.

It’s a grim winter evening, the biting chill reverberating with despair and loss, amidst tiny specks of glowing yellow light in the vast dark expanse. Thousands of people are mourning the death of the Delhi gang rape victim at a silent candle light vigil at Freedom Park, Bangalore.
Across the entire country, massive protests are being held demanding justice for the accused, petitions are being signed, voices are being raised and letters of all sorts are being written to ministers.
The only question is, will anything actually happen?
Kid killed after remaining trapped for days in an open pothole. Shooting sprees and violent assaults in primary schools. Someone murders his own family. A bunch of men kill each other in a drunken brawl. We have all heard them too often, yes.
Followed by more breaking news updates, more reports and more speeches, and a fanatic sensation will be created in no time.
After which, it will be left, forgotten. Like the thousands of other criminal cases that are buried in our fiercely protected complicated laws and the pace with which our jurisdiction system runs.
Meanwhile, a furious blame game is raging from the ruling party to the police force to the society, and back to square one; with the baggage of responsibility being dumped from one to the next in a vicious circle; with hardly any consequence to the issue at hand.
It is a fierce start to 2013, as the nation demands that laws are to be made tighter, citizens to be more secure and justice to be delivered.

Justice, to the victim. And to humanity.
Because, it is only when humanity fails that we have absolutely nothing in life to look forward to.
The very basis of our living is our faith and trust in one another, in humanity. Being human is the quality with an astonishing capability of building the society as a whole. How much is it going to take for each of the constituting individuals to be in constant vigilance of his self conscious moral police?

Untold stories

Untold stories