The Art of Building Communities

Its just been the 8th Community Drumjam in the city last weekend, and yet feels like being a part of a large family for a long time now. May be its in the music. The welcoming open group. The location being right in the heart of the city.  What it has developed into is a large community of musicians pursuing their passion. The working class refreshing themselves with a jamming session between their routine. Thrilled college kids and youngsters inspired to participate in a one of a kind music event. And onlookers only watching over the event happening right in front of them, either because of already occupied seats, or an overly occupied mindset.

Busking and performances at open spaces is still in a nascent stage in India, and Drumjam seems to have taken the ‘dignity’ factor behind such performances notches higher than it has ever been. Which is good. Great, infact. Headed by the remarkably talented drummer Roberto Narain and singer/actress Vasundhara Das, it sure has been a welcome change to see people participating in a community jam by the busy MG Road, Bangalore; embracing both music and an openness to the mind. Creating a more constructive, open, united society by bringing together people from all religious, regional and professional backgrounds.  So, its a well spent Sunday evening with infectious energy, inspiring artists and thumping music. And a whole bunch of strangers connecting together participating in the Drumjam is proof enough for music being the language of the soul. Glimpses from the event, more on the community at


MG Road Metro Station, The Boulevard


A Jamming Session in progress


Roberto Narain taking the crowd


Onlookers gathering around the venue


Vasundhara Das joining the cheer


The young and old alike shaking a leg. Spontaneity at its fullest, as with the rhythm.


A section of the event from the overhead walkway


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